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Slick Time Savers

Our Softwares Show You If It Is Worth The Time And Energy At A Glance Before You Build Or Spend Money In Any Niche

These Tools Do All The Hard Labor For You With Amazing Speed


Innovative New Software Shows You Whether You Can Rank On Page 1 Of Google For Any Keyword And Generate Endless Amounts Of 100% Free Traffic You Can Profit From

4 Clicks and without doubt you have your answer.

Do you want to be on page one of Google?- Then this tool will show you if you can.
You -
Instantly know if the fight to the top ten of organic search is worth investing the time and energy at a glance before you lift a finger... or spend a dime using NOOOLOGY.

Without a doubt you will KNOW how strong your competitors are - get this wrong and you have next to no chance of getting on page one

NOOOLOGY is a simple but extremely powerful tool to venture where your competitors are not

It will take you only 4 clicks to find the winners!


One on One Mentoring

I'm putting together an ELITE group of individuals that will Crowd Source ideas, be able to adapt, anticipate trends and opportunity during times of change.

This is going to be EXCLUSIVE and Premium SEO Mentoring, I am calling this the Founders Club because you will be part of the founding members.

You will be part of something Great and New.

Aristotle said: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Crowd Sourcing is a model today that achieves fast results.

I've come to a point in time I can no longer ignore and operate in a vacuum if I want to help people achieve their business goals.

In particular Google Search has created so many opportunities, no one person can keep up.

In many ways it has become much easier to reach page one of Google than ever before.

If you are like me and most every one reading this... you've certainly bought more than your fair share of internet marketing programs over the years, right?

But have you ever felt like there's something missing? As if there's some kind of "secret" or missing piece of the puzzle no one is telling you about?

If your answer is YES... I'm exposing exactly what that missing information is: one on one with you

You’re probably in one of three different positions in your business right now:

* The “Newb”: Maybe you’ve tried some things out before, maybe not. Either way, you haven’t made any real progress online yet.

* Experienced, Yet Confused: You know the ropes about how people make $1,000s - $100,000s a month online… but you haven’t been able to do it for yourself, and you’re confused as to why.

* Experienced & Ready: You’re happy with your online income and are ready to grow, take things to the next level, and make your business passive.


Stop Doing Stupid Niche Research

The Done For You Niche Package is designed to do, TELL YOU THE TRUTH on what is on page one.

I did this because about 70% of all products brands dominate and the Done For You Packages point you to where Brands don't dominate.

This is important to you because it means your never guessing if you made the right move. You don't waste time and money. You can immediately start building your websites based on actual facts on what Google likes to rank. Success leaves clues.

You need to pay attention to my advice because the time and effort developing this unique system of using actual page one data was developed over 10 years of research and testing.

You cannot trust anything Google says because what they actually do for page one search results is all that counts. Google has a history of leading you astray about their algorithm.

Every niche is unique so applying broad SEO techniques is a waste of time. It's important to get content built as fast as you can using what you learn from the actual page one results.


Related Search Keyword Tool

A simple but powerful software to collect UNTAPPED RELATED SEARCH KEYWORDS from Google to create content around topics for getting ranked on page one of Google and more Traffic.

"Searches related to ..." keywords help you rank for long tail keywords that may not show up in the Google Keyword Planner:

That means more traffic for you!

ADDING Untapped Key Words To Your SEO Content
Makes Google Happy so you can get on Page One of Google for more TRAFFIC



Hi Ed,

I knew you had it in you, but this is sure a 'magnum opus' from you. You've kept this very simple and straightforward - and yet it is 21st century to a tee (T)!

I knew you wanted to communicate something in the 1 hour support call this morning, but I did not realize that you had actually created an SEO MAGIC tool - or at least what comes closest to that.

An original contribution that is not at all a rehash, well researched, it comes close to being a flawless release.

No need to mine for diamonds when you release a software as your army of followers already know for themselves! I don't say 'my jaw just hit the floor' for nothing, like many 'word marketers' out there without any basis - but mine just did!

Best wishes,

Sam Beatson
Global Top 16 University Lecturer
Marketer & Expert in Financial Markets & Trading

The Missing Link In SEO

Ed as always you are on the leading edge of Internet marketing.

All I can say after I have worked with your new program is Wow!

How will you ever top this one?

The software reveals the hidden truth behind those mysterious Google rankings and even better shows you before you make a commitment if you can rank for your selected keywords.

Thank you Ed, for allowing me to work with this great software.

JD's Oriental Health Supply

Mr Ed is very detailed teacher he guided me step by step on how to build an authority site and rank it on Google.

Unlike my other Guru, he use unique method that is outside the box . I learned so much from him and you should too

Michael Sugiarto