Amazon is one of the largest affiliate programs with tens of thousands of products available for affiliates.

I don't know about you this has my head spinning when looking for a winning product to sell.

To make massive commissions in Amazon and find million dollar niches you need to have confidence that people actually WANT what you're selling (before you create pages to sell).

The question now is - How do you find hot selling products on Amazon?

Lucky for all of us Amazon tells you what is selling

Amazon offers intelligence from the data they collect and make available to you

  • All the products that are selling like hot cakes daily

  • All the hot new releases done on a daily basis

  • Most important of all - All the products that are selling well overall this assures you pick products that are selling well and help you avoid the duds
  • Once you know this information it's easy to pick products with the highest commissions?

    Yes and No!

    There is one big flaw with Amazon and access to their search data.

    Amazon search is geared for buyers and lacks what is needed for affiliates looking to find money making products quickly.

    Not only is it difficult to find the right products that are selling, the list of hot selling products changes daily.

    Who has time to monitor the hot selling products daily, when you should be focused on making money making pages.

    Well no more guessing and time consuming research!

    I finally built something that solves that problem.

    This is the unfair advantage software for:

  • Physical Product Sales & eCommerce
  • Keeping your finger on the pulse of buying trends
  • We have a push button software solution that will do this with ease.


    What Is Amazon Stalker?

    The software - Amazon Stalker will discover untapped million dollar niches before everyone without having to do all the research manually.

    Amazon Stalker takes advantage of the 3 HOTTEST CATEGORIES - Best Sellers, Hot New Releases, Movers and Shakers.

    This is where the quick money is for quick acting Amazon Affiliates.

    AMAZON STALKER is a data mining tool that finds products with the Greatest Commissions, Hottest Sellers, Avoids The Duds, and Finds Hot New Releases so you can build your affliliate pages before your competition does for quick money.

    With this push button automation solution the problem finding hot products is no longer time consuming.

    This amazing simple tool does all the work for you in a few minutes with a push of a button.

    Amazon Stalker finds products for 3 price points and above, $20, $50, and $100.

    The product must have at least 4 Stars and a minimum of 10 reviews to qualify for Amazon Stalker to report as a hot product.

    Amazon Stalker is the tool that will make this happen for you, all you need to do is push the buttons and let Amazon Stalker do the rest.

    Because with Amazon Stalker you will easily have the latest daily updates at your finger tips.

    Not only is niche selection crucial products that sell must be first on your list - if your going to succeed being an affiliate.

    I don't know about you - I don't just want to make commissions - I want to make massive commissions when selling any products - with Amazon Stalker the possibilities are a gold mine if you use it the right way.

    Amazon Stalker is:

  • Very Easy To Use
  • Comes With Video Showing You How To Use Tool
  • Export, for Further Analysis
  • Over the years has done an incredible job converting visitors into buyers. Very often people end up buying several products instead of just one thus maximizing your profits. Your only job as affiliates is to send traffic to and let them do the rest of the job.

    By Selling More Products You Make Incrementally More Money.

    The more you sell with Amazon the more you make AND the higher percentage you earn.

    Amazon Stalker gives you all the tools to become a niche leader on Amazon.

    Speed and Information is the competitive edge every affiliate marketer needs to succeed.

    Knowing the latest daily updates will put you head and shoulders above everyone selling Amazon products.

    If you want to have an edge over your competition you can't be without this tool.



    P.S. Amazon Stalker is a windows based program (.net frameworks) to run on Mac's you will need to run a parallel program for windows software

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